Our Values

As a gathering of believers in the triune God, we hold certain values to be of great importance. 

Central to everything we believe and practice is the Bible, God’s Word. 

It is accurate, authoritative, and sufficient for all of life and ministry,

Given to us by God so we would know what to believe and how to behave.

We believe this is crucial to us being 

God’s People … in God’s Place … under God’s Rule.

We Value …

  • Bible-centered preaching and teaching to help people of all ages.
    • Therefore, we make available a variety of ministries in which people can be involved and study the Bible
  • Worship of God that is celebratory, reflective, based on the truth of God’s Word and relevant to all who worship with us.
    • Therefore, we believe worship at both the personal and collective levels is to be dynamic, relevant, and led by the Holy Spirit.
  • Spiritual Leadership of the Church by godly men.
    • Therefore, we seek to be diligent in training godly men to serve in this role.
  • Prayer.
    • Therefore we seek to provide opportunities for prayer and encourage people to take advantage of those opportunities.
  • People. Faithfulness on the part of believers who are trying to live as
    • Therefore, within the church we seek to build healthy relationships, healthy family structures and a genuine sense of community through a variety of ministries.
    • In the greater community beyond the church we seek to build good relationships that develop a greater understanding of who we are and take advantage of participating in community through our Youth Drop In Centre and getting involved in community activities as we are able.